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At times, some students are caught violating their school district's tobacco, alcohol or other drugs policies. Every South Dakota school district has a policy in place to deal with these situations.

In Sioux Falls, the district has adopted a zero tolerance policy, and students who choose to smoke, drink or use drugs face automatic suspension from school and school-related activities.

At the same time, school administrators understand that young people who make poor choices are not necessarily bad kids.  They support students who are willing to work on their decision making and life skills, and offer a way for these students to reduce their suspension while learning how to cope with life and stress without substance use.  PVPS is the contracted, approved agency designated to work with these young people.

While other school districts associated with PVPS may not have the same policy on reducing suspension for students who complete a PVPS program, they do encourage their students to participate.  For specific details, contact your local principal or school counselor. 

Parents or teachers are sometimes concerned about a student who has not been caught smoking, drinking or using other drugs - but could be dealing with substance abuse issues.  They are invited to speak with the Prevention Counselor based at their local school.

Not all violations are the same, nor do all those who could benefit from counseling fit into a 'one-size-fits-all' program. PVPS counselors work with each child and their parents/guardians do determine which program most fits their individual needs. We currently offer 4 levels of care. Those programs are outlines on the links in the left side bar.