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Regular business hours are Monday Through Friday 8:00 to 5:00. Summer hours begin June 1st 8:00 to 4:00 and usually end in early August. Staff members are on call and available for emergencies. 



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Prairie View Prevention Services, Inc.
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What You Need to Know

Prairie View Prevention endeavors to keep the public aware of national and local trends in drug and alcohol use and abuse. There is a steady supply of old and new drugs on the street, from illicit to prescription. As parents and citizens we need to stay abreast of the current trends to help curb the use of these mood and mind altering substances in our communities. Our counselors have daily contact with individuals who are using as well as  law enforcement and judicial organizations. When there is sufficient reason to believe that our community is, or will be, affected by these trends we will post them here. Please check this page often to see what is happening locally.

The side-bar to the left guides you to topics that are current in our area today. These are things all parents and grandparents should be aware of.