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About DEC Teams

Children found living in Meth labs are at a much higher risk for medical and social issues tied to their unhealthy environment. They need special, immediate care as they are being removed from the lab.  Without a trained DEC Team, vital steps in the children's care may be missed.  Prosecution of the child endangerment component of these cases can be more successful when proper evidence gathering and interviewing take place.

DEC Teams are needed across South Dakota, from the largest cities to the most remote rural areas.  If your community doesn't have a DEC Team yet, here are ten easy steps to form one. 

1.  Consider possible team members from each core agency:     
        Child Protective Services
        Prosecutor’s Office
        Law Enforcement
        Medical Personnel

2.  Schedule regular times for team meetings and decide how you will all communicate (FAX, e-mails, phone).

3.  Hold regular meetings to:
      Cross-train among team members
      Establish Team goals

4.  Develop protocols as a team for what should happen during an intervention.

5.  Distribute draft protocols among agency colleagues for input/feedback; including:

6.  Identify Team member needs for additional training.

7.  Identify key auxiliary agencies or groups that your Team wants involved, such as teachers, foster families, day care centers - any group you feel could offer support to the Team.  Meet with agencies to explain DEC.

8.  Outreach to service providers to assist DEC children and families.

9.  Develop a locally relevant training module that DEC Team members can present to non-DEC agencies and organizations for outreach and/or education to build community support.

10.  Develop a way to monitor the progress of your program and the effectiveness of your protocols and discuss how the DEC process can be improved.

If you are interested in more information or would like assistance in forming a local DEC Team, please contact the main office of MAPP-SD.