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Short and Long Term Follow Up of Drug Endangered Children

These are recommended procedures developed by the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children.  Various localities may need to adjust the strategies depending on their resources.  As local, state and federal protocols are approved and implemented, this information will be updated.
While the initial response to finding children in a Meth home or lab is concentrated on immediate physical needs of the children and documenting evidence to build a case, actions taken the next three days are just as vital.  Law enforcement, child protective services and medical personnel work together over the course of those 72-hours to stabilize and treat the children and further document evidence for upcoming court proceedings.

Within 72-hours of discovering children in drug labs:

Law Enforcement:
    Children need to be interviewed by personnel trained in the forensically correct method for children.  This process should be coordinated with CPS.

Child Protective Services:
    1) There may have been other children in the family or home who were not present at the time of the seizure.  All children who have lived in the home will need to be examined and their information collected for tracking.
    2) The medical histories of the children need to be investigated and documented.

Medical Personnel:
    1) A complete medical evaluation as needed based on the exam done at the first evaluation.
    2) Blood test - if not done on the earlier exam
    3) Hepatitis B, C panels as indicated if LFTs elevated.
    4) Developmental evaluation using an age appropriate standardized tool.
    5) Mental health evaluation
    6) Dental evaluation

Children found in Meth houses may be affected by the chemicals and drugs long after they are removed from the scene.  To continue protecting them, a plan for long term follow up is vital.

Law Enforcement:
 Update databases as needed to track case.

Child Protective Services:
Input all the gathered information into a database as determined by local, state and national protocols.

Medical Personnel:
1) Repeat medical evaluation in 30 days, six months and one year intervals.
2) Follow up developmental evaluations as needed based on the initial evaluations.
3) Follow up mental health interventions and assessments as needed.