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Dealing With "Tweakers"

People who abuse Meth regularly are known as 'tweakers'.  Tweakers often behave or react violently.  Keep in mind, the tweaker may not have slept in three to fifteen days and may be irritable and paranoid.  If the tweaker is also using alcohol or other drugs, the danger may be intensified.

The tweaker craves more Meth, but no dosage will help recreate the first rush.  This may cause frustration and leads to unpredictable behavior and violence.  To support their habits, tweakers often participate in spur-of-the-moment crimes, such as purse snatching or burglaries.

Tweakers are often involved in domestic disputes and automobile accidents.  They may also be present at raves or parties.  They may at first appear to be normal.  A closer look will reveal eye movement ten times faster than normal, a voice with a slight quiver and jerky movements.

If you notice that someone is tweaking, be careful how you handle the situation.  Keep in mind these six safety tips for approaching a tweaker:

1. Keep your distance.  Coming too close can be perceived as threatening. 
2. No bright lights.  The tweaker is paranoid and bright lights may cause them to react violently.
3. Slow your speech, lower your voice.
4. Slow your movements.  The tweaker is paranoid and may misunderstand your movements.
5. Keep your hands visible, or they may feel threatened and become violent.
6. Keep the tweaker talking.  A tweaker who falls silent can be extremely dangerous.  Silence often means that his paranoid thoughts have taken over reality, and anyone present can become part of the tweaker's paranoid delusions.

If you are threatened, call the police and tell them that this person may be under the influence of Meth or other drugs.

Information courtesy Midwest HIDTA