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IHS Meth Treatment Program 

In 2007, Sioux San Behavioral Health Services in Rapid City announced that they were beginning intake and screening process to start their new culturally adapted Matrix Model intensive outpatient Meth treatment program.   Staff orientation was held in early July, and the first patients begin receiving treatment services in mid-July.

People interested in joining this project are asked to contact Sioux San Hospital Behavioral Health Services at 605-355-2274.  Sioux San Behavioral Health Services will implement an open-ended admissions process to serve as many patients as possible.

The mission of the new program is to provide a culturally sensitive approach to Meth treatment. According to their brochure, their treatment philosophy and vision is to “blend recovery model principles with an emphasis on honoring our Native American culture.” Their treatment model will include a “bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to assessment and treatment,” integrating traditional Native American cultural principles that emphasize, “balancing the emotional, mental, physical and social aspects of the individual upon a spiritual foundation.”

Components of the program include all of the following:

  • Matrix Model Meth addiction treatment
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Groups
  • Treatment of addictions to other substances in conjunction with Meth treatment
  • Culturally specific treatment approach using a Medicine Wheel 12-step program created by White Bison, Inc.
  • Family and social support groups
  • 16-week intensive outpatient program with aftercare and support groups weeks 17 through 52
  • Referral to appropriate services for co-occurring disorders

The screening process will assess patients according to certain diagnostic admission criteria. A multidisciplinary team consisting of medical/nursing, psychiatry/psychology, social work, recreational specialist and chemical dependency professional will conduct the screening.

Criteria for admission into the program include the following:

  • Must have completed a substance abuse evaluation
  • Have a DSM-IV-TR diagnosis of Methamphetamine Dependence or Abuse
  • May also have alcohol or other drug dependence and/or co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Have few or no continuing symptoms of withdrawal or intoxication
  • Manifest stable psychiatric and medical conditions
  • Demonstrate sufficient motivation to attend all scheduled activities
  • Have adequate family or social support and environmental factors to be able to participate in an outpatient treatment program.
  • Strongly recommended and encouraged that the patient have a family member who is supportive of their recovery and willing to participate in conjoint and family education components of the program. 


The program will serve any adult patients that are eligible for Indian Health Services programs. For more information on the program, contact Sioux San Hospital Behavioral Health Services at 605-355-2274.