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Contamination Concerns

The poisonous affects of a Meth lab linger long after the manufacturer is gone.  Many times, the waste material is dumped outdoors, causing irreparable damage to the environment and drinking water. Outdoor Meth lab contamination results from the dumping or burning of waste on or near soil, surface water, groundwater, and sewer or septic systems.  Signs of Meth lab activity outside include:

  • Burn piles
  • Dead or dying vegetation
  • Buried trash piles.

While chemicals are being combined and heated to cook Meth, toxic vapors seep into plaster, wood, upholstery and any other porous surface.  Harsh liquids that are dumped or spilled can remain for a long time as residue in bathtubs, toilets or sinks.  Contamination from the cooking and disposing of Meth inside a home will affect: floors, walls, ceilings, working surfaces, furniture, carpeting, paneling, wallpaper, draperies, blinds, light fixtures, kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures and drains, vent fans, ceiling fans, heating and air-conditioning vents, clothing, toys, etc.  
Some signs of previous Meth manufacturing inside a home include:

  • Reddish stains in sinks and tubs
  • Lingering chemical odors
  • Reddish stains in carpets or on wallpaper which won't come out.  If spray starch applied to these stains turns purple, the stain is caused by iodine, a key ingredient in Meth manufacturing.  The presence of such stains may indicate previous Meth lab activity in the home.