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Forms of Meth

What does Meth look like? 

The finished product is available in different forms, including powder (generally a white, pinkish or yellowish color), pills (may be either tablets or capsules of various colors) or in crystal form – hard irregular chunks that look like ice or rock candy.   

"Strawberry Quick" - Strawberry Quick Flavored Meth
Authorities in some states, including California and Nevada, are raising the alarm about a new strategy drug dealers are employing to draw younger users into the danger of Meth.  Some Meth cooks are now adding coloring and flavoring to the drug to change its look and taste.  The best known form of this type of crystal Meth is called Strawberry Quick – tinted red and flavored with strawberry.  In San Francisco, the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics reported some of their teenage patients have recently begun to use Meth flavored with chocolate.  A California police officer questioned some off-color Meth, and was told the cook used Coca-Cola in the recipe.
A drug counselor has begun seeing teenage patients who have suffered the ill effects of flavored Meth.  One of the patients was unaware the substance was Meth at all.  He was told it was a solidified form of the energy drink Red Bull.
Experts believe people between ages 18 to 25 are the most likely to use this form of Meth.  The drug counselor warns that this is presenting an urgent problem: young users are much more likely to overdose – especially with the flavored Meth - which means they could quickly end up in the emergency room.  A pinch could be a fatal dose.
Information from National Association of Counties, March 2007 newsletter and KPIX-TV ( in San Francisco