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Common Meth Paraphernalia 

Users smoke, snort, drink or inject Meth.  Some of the paraphernalia associated with Meth use includes light bulbs, pens, aluminum foil, bottle caps, empty pop cans and needles. 



Hollowed Out Pens

A hollow pen may be used to carry Meth or to snort finely crushed Meth. It may also serve as a 'pipe stem' to inhale fumes.

Prepping a Hit

While Meth can be snorted, many users prefer the faster high they get when they smoke it. Here, a user heats up a dose to produce the fumes.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are hollowed out and used to heat either powder or crystal Meth. The fumes are inhaled.

More Than A Can

An empty soda can is also used to heat Meth prior to inhalation. Many times you'll find a hole on the side.

Foilies and Caps

Small pieces of foil, known as 'foilies', and bottle caps are used to heat small amounts of Meth. At times, plastic bottle caps may be used to heat Meth in a microwave. There is often some residue left on these items.


Needles: The Final Step

Meth can be ingested, snorted, inhaled or injected. Generally, users who move on to injecting are either already are or are well on their way to being an addict.