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Join The Battle

Do not stand by and let this Enemy destroy our families, children and communities!

Learn all you can about Meth
What Meth is
What it is made of
The signs and symptoms of Meth use
Meth lab indicators
How to deal with a Tweaker (someone who regularly uses Meth)

What to Do?  Call for help!
Call 911 for the police to get help if you are in immediate danger. 

» Stand your ground; speak out against drug abuse!  Protect yourself against harm.

» Talk to your family and children about drug abuse.  If they have a Meth abuse problem, encourage them to get help.  Let them know that if they are a threat to themselves or the family, you will call the authorities.

» Stand your ground; follow through with your prevention and protection plan.  Call the authorities, counseling services and family!

If you think someone is high on drugs, is a threat to themselves or anyone, call for the police to make a house check.  Better safe than sorry.

Get help from your local services.
 Parents, ask for the school counselors.  Contact your local alcohol/drug treatment center.  Counseling services are available from the I.H.S. Mental Health for adults and youth.  Attend AA and Support meetings.   

Know How to Respond
If you observe suspicious behavior, or suspect a Meth lab may be in operation, report it to the authorities.  If you believe a child may be exposed to Meth use or manufacturing, remember that violent abuse to youngsters is part of the drug abuse cycle.  Help break that cycle – and save a child.  Contact Social Services, school personnel or police authorities.  Safety for children comes first!

Know There is Help
MAPP-SD Prevention Coordinators offer free technical support to existing Coalitions and free training on Meth related issues to any interested Tribal community.  Check out the Events and Training section for a current schedule.  Please contact MAPP-SD with questions, concerns and requests for training by Email, or by calling 605-331-5724.  

Other important numbers:
Alcohol Abuse Hotline     (800)234-0420
Suicide Hotline                  (800)784-2433
To locate treatment providers, contact the South Dakota State Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at (605)773-3123.