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 Meth, toka he sdodwaye!       (Know the enemy, Meth!) 

This killer drug is taking our People.  It’s called Methamphetamine – also known as Meth, crank, CR, crystal, ice, speed, Rock, R, G, glass and many other enemy names.  This enemy strikes fast, kills and destroys.  Meth deceives its victims and plays deadly tricks on our People. 
Once, our Akicita [warriors] knew all the faces of our enemies to protect our families.  Now, the face of the enemy has changed to Meth.  We are the warriors now, and we need to protect our families, mothers, children and communities.


The Dakota/Lakota/Nakota nations are built on a foundation of traditions and good values.  We are taught from our creation story that we came from the First World to live on Maki Unci [Mother Earth].  Our journey in the world is a challenging one.  We are taught to help one another before we go on to the next world.  Wakan Tanka [the Great Spirit] taught us to live in balance with one another and the universe.  He gave us the power of prayer and the seven values of the four components of the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.  These values keep our people and nations in balance with our families, our communities and ourselves.  We, as Native nations, are survivors because we hold strong to our culture, traditions, language and values. 

We reserve the right to protect our families and build our future.