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Indian Country Meth News

Meth Takes a Toll on Indian Reservations
For residents of Indian reservations in South Dakota and across the nation, Meth adds to the already overwhelming strain on available housing for families.  

A New Menace on the Rez
Newsweek examines the impact of Meth on Indian Reservations across the country.

Meth Use At 'Crisis Level' On Reservations
KELO-Land News reports on efforts to battle Meth use on South Dakota Indian reservations

NCAI Leaders, Lawmakers Vow to Conquer Indian Country’s Meth Problem

Rosebud Tracks Meth Increase 

Washington Tackles Meth in Indian Country
Four members of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee heard testimony from a number of tribal members about the devastating impact of Meth in Indian Country.  Some of the items they heard include:
A baby was born with a deformed pelvis and legs and no feet to a 14-year-old Meth user, the Arizona Republic reported.
A Meth-addicted baby was born with legs that are numb and will likely never be usable.
About a month ago, a pregnant woman on Meth was arrested and gave birth in jail to a premature baby, who died.
Two years ago, a Meth-using mother killed her own little boy, saying later that he was the "devil" and "possessed."
In late 2005, a 9-year-old Meth user was admitted to the San Carlos hospital with hallucinations and violent behavior. "